Trellis Data benchmarks AI infrastructure revealing it is ‘horses for courses’ when it comes to choosing between CPU and GPU

Knowing the best infrastructure to deploy is a key enabler to fully realising the benefits that AI can deliver for real-time processes. Trellis Data Pty Ltd, a leading Australian machine learning company, today announced it has benchmarked a number of different AI infrastructure environments to determine which ones are best suited to solve image recognition problems. It found some surprising results.

Trellis Data has found that there are circumstances where Conventional Neural Networks (CNN’s) are not always faster at image recognition on Graphics Processing Units (GPU’s) than on Central Processing Units (CPU’s). This discovery debunks the myth that GPU’s are always faster when using CNN’s for image processing. Infrastructure bench-marking occurred on both local and cloud infrastructure and across leading GPU and CPU server infrastructure. The results provide a detailed insight into how different infrastructure options perform for AI solutions.

"There are always significant up-front costs when it comes to purchasing hardware, and it's essential to match the right hardware to the right problem." Michael Gately, Trellis Data CEO said. "It is much less straight forward when it comes to building a system designed to solve complex AI problems. This new research from Trellis Data has the potential to create significant savings for businesses and government."

Other problems being tested in AI environments by the research include making use of unstructured data through Natural Language Processing and Advanced conversational AI for improved customer engagement with chat bots. Trellis Data are in the process of finalising their white paper on this benchmarking activity and are working with leading Australian Government cloud and hardware providers as part of this process.

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