Our platform now has Australia's first (and world leading) explanation tool for deep neural networks. For the first time, neural network decisions are fully explainable, creating a new world of accountable and transparent AI. Our platform enables our customers to be able to explain AI decisions which in turn will:

  1. Explain to their customers exactly why the AI machine made its decision

  2. Improve real world situations that the AI explanation highlights as current issues/weaknesses

  3. Create hyper accurate, self-healing AI solutions

Trellis Data is enabling Government departments to solve the most complex problems across aged care, health, welfare, infrastructure, employment, defense, border protection, intelligence and education.

Turn complex data problems
into solutions

We have combined the world’s leading AI techniques, customer data and public data to enable solutions that create air traffic efficiencies, reduce unemployment, improve social welfare service delivery, and increase Australia’s border force and defense capabilities.

Gain intelligence from
unstructured data

We use world leading natural language processing techniques to provide our customers with unparalleled intelligence from all their data assets, including databases, emails, documents, websites, news feeds and even phone calls.

By using AI and data to monitor operations and reduce risk the Trellis Intelligence Platform could enable your team to:

  • Improve service delivery, both internally and for the end user experience

  • Identify potential weakness in processes, policies, people and systems

  • Evolve operational processes to create efficiencies

  • Understand your past and predict your future opportunities

  • Predict how changes in your business or department will impact customers and stakeholders

Building custom solutions

Trellis Data partners closely with Government to develop complete turnkey solutions or to assist existing teams to build AI capability internally. How could the Trellis Intelligence Platform rapidly improve your data processing to create efficiencies, reduce risk and improve outcomes? Let’s start a conversation to realise the potential of your data.



This feature creates a fully connected data asset from both unstructured data (e.g. PDF files) and structured data to create an intelligence and information gathering capability specifically using our customer’s information assets, providing them unparalleled insights across their data landscape.



This feature finds weaknesses, inefficiencies and loopholes through real world systems, including Government policy and service delivery, as well as corporate operations and even complex systems such as the Australian Health system.



Conversational AI is a big business in today's world. Our conversational AI platform delivers leading results in conversational understanding and is able to be trained in specifics functions, including service desk and customer questions. We can even help train chat bots that can't train themselves.



This leading people and object recognition platform analyses real-time and pre-recorded video to to inform users on what's happening, including detecting hundreds of people as well as objects like ships and guns. It can find specific people of interest as well using the most advanced AI methods available globally.