This platform creates a fully connected data asset from both unstructured data (e.g. PDF files) and structured data to create an intelligence and information gathering capability specifically using our customer’s information assets, providing them unparalleled insights across their data landscape.



This platform finds weaknesses, inefficiencies and loopholes through real world systems, including Government policy and service delivery, as well as corporate operations and even complex systems such as the Australian Health system.



Conversational AI is a big business in today's world. Our conversational AI platform delivers leading results in conversational understanding and is able to be trained in specifics functions, including service desk and customer questions. We can even help train chat bots that can't train themselves.



This leading people and object recognition platform analyses real-time and pre-recorded video to to inform users on what's happening, including detecting hundreds of people as well as objects like ships and guns. It can find specific people of interest as well using the most advanced AI methods available globally.

We identify opportunities to create automated process.
We develop and deploy tailored made AI solutions.


IMAGE, SOUND and Natural Language Processing

Want to find out if there are any persons of interest at an international airport, or any suspect parcels, or to ensure accurate communications over voice channels? Our team can deliver cutting edge solutions for you to gain full intelligence from images, video, sound and documents.


Voice to text
Text to voice

Translate from one language to another has been around for some time now. At Trellis we can take this to a new level, including more localised voice accents, better responses from chatbots using deep learning and localized language interpretation (E.g. between pilots and air traffic controllers).


Mass people
and object recognition

Want to detect people of interest at airports where hundreds are walking in close proximity, know the type of object someone might be holding, or see when football fans are not as engaged with a match? Our team can tailor solutions to meet your specific outcomes.


Risk based decision support

Machine learning solutions are particularly effective in classification, prediction, risk profiling and decision support. Our systems efficiently use deep neural networks to assess large numbers of inputs, to determine the risk for informed decision making.